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Axel Progress

By: Rebecca Kerscher | Added: 18 January 2017 | Updated: 12 January 2020
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QOTD: There is nothig you can't do, if you set your mind to it. Anything is possible! - Rick Hanson

First, you should know that it took me six months to land. It didn't happen overnight. Determination is key, and you have to want it bad! You can't just say "Yeah, I want to land my axel" and not work hard for it. I will tell you straight forward it's not easy and takes a while to land.
If you are working on axels right now, here five drills that I found helpful.
1. Waltz jump backspin
2. Backspins in general
3. Bell jumps
4. Axels off-ice: There are many different off-ice axel drills but it all depends on what you specifically are doing wrong.
5. Axels on-ice: (with your coaches permission, of course) Trust me, it helps! I know it is probably going to be a little scary at first, but you just have to think, YES you are going to fall sometimes, and YES it will probably hurt, but it will all be worth it in the end!

I hope you enjoy my video of axel attemps, and remember that everytime you fall to just get back up, and try again.