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YMCA Artistic Program

By: Rebecca Kerscher | Added: 6 October 2019 | Updated: 12 January 2020
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QOTD: You've got to be odd to be number one" ~Dr. Seuss

This year I decided to go crazy on an artistic program. One day I saw this guy perform on Americas Got Talent. His performance was really cool and I thought, what if I tried that on ice. It was a crazy thought but why not give it a try. So we constructed the costume, which was a long long process. Then once we got the costume constructed we packed it all up and flew it all to Wisconsin so that I could compete in my old rinks local competition. I had soo much fun competing this program and ended up getting 1st overall. It was a little challenging to skate in the costume but it looked really cool in the end.It's quite heavy to be honest. I am going to put the video down below so you can see this fun performance and, see what I mean when I talk about making the costume. Anyways...Enjoy! :)