This year I thought it would super exciting to try out solo dance. I’ve don’t pattern dances and other dance things before but solo dance was completely new to me. The category I competed in was international patterns dance but decides against the free dance. I decided it would be best to only compete one thing at a time at least just for my first year.

I did 3 competitions which helped me to qualify for the National Solo Dance Final. The venue was in Provo Utah at one of the practice rinks for the 2002 Olympics. It was such a spacious and beautiful rink. I’ve never really explored Utah so just even being in the city was a cool experience.

The two dances that were picked for the Final were the Ravensburger Waltz and the Silver Samba. I really enjoyed the challenge of perfecting these two dances, and the Ravensburger Waltz was definitely a challenge! There was a total of 11 people in my group and I was able to place 5th! I know there were a few things I could have improved, but overall I am quite happy with the results. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the National Solo Dance Final and hope to compete there again!

If you would like to watch my performances, you can do so right here! Enjoy!

And if you would like to see more of my ice dance videos, you can check them out here!


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