I am so excited to announce that I am opening a store! As of Oct. 25, 2020, I officially have my own store! The site launched this past Sunday and I have a ton of cute figure skating stickers ready for preorder! If you go to shop.skateforgold.com you can get your own stickers right now!

I have always been into making art but never really did anything with the art I made. I thought the perfect way to combine my love for art and figure skating would be to make figure skating designs. As a skater, I love to plaster my water bottle, that I take to the rink, in cute stickers but there are not a ton of figure skating stickers out there right now. So I thought why not turn all of my cute figure skating designs into stickers! So that’s what I did!

There are 25 stickers designs on my website right now and there are many more to come! There are stickers for all disciplines of figure skating! Therre are ice dance stickers, pairs skating stickers, and even synchronized skating stickers. Also, I have some Halloween figure skating stickers out right now and the Thanksgiving and Christmas stickers are coming soon. I can’t wait for you guys to see all of the designs and I hope you love them!

I have so many more sticker designs in the making and I can’t wait to add them all to my site. These are waterproof and weatherproof so they are perfect for water bottles, laptops, cars, etc. Also, the stickers are perfect if you are looking for a great gift for a figure skater you know.

And…Lastly, if you preorder stickers anytime before November 7th, at 11 pm Mountain Time you can use the code LAUNCH25 to get 25% off of your order!

Happy Shopping!


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