I recently competed at the Colorado Springs Invitational figure skating competition. At this competition, there are two memorial events. The events are in memory of Frank Frey and Ashleyann Carlson. Their favorite ice dance patterns were the Cha-Cha and Rocker Foxtrot, so those were the two dances which are competed in the events. I didn’t know either one personally but I’ve heard great stories about them.

Both events are for anyone and everyone to compete in. There are no age requirements and you don’t even have to be an ice dancer! The competition is all about having fun and is judged mostly on performance. You can choose fun music to skate to as long as it has the right tempo, and the costumes or small prop options are endless. It is a very fun event not only because it was for a great cause but because there is no pressure.

If you would like to watch my 2 performances they will be linked below!


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