This year I decided to go crazy on an artistic program and make a super cool contraption for my performance. The inspiration for this actually came from a contestant on America’s Got Talent. The performance was very cool and I thought, what if I tried that on ice. It was a crazy thought but why not give it a try.

So we constructed the costume, which was an extremely long process. They were a lot of parts to this costume and a ton of trial and error. Once we were finally done constructing the costume it was time to compete with it. I competed at my original home rinks local competition which was so much fun! The competition went really well and I ended up getting 1st overall! It was a little challenging to skate in the costume due to the weight but it looked really cool in the end. I will link the video down below so you can check out this fun performance and see what I mean when I talk about making the costume. Anyways…Enjoy!


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