This year I decided to do an artistic program to “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana. After seeing the movie, I knew that this was a program I wanted to do. I decided to try it out at our local competition first. At the competition, it just so happened that 41 people were doing an artistic program. If you don’t know exactly how artistic works, here is a basic explanation. The first round is split by level. In the first round there are recall judges (who have no skating experience) and skating judges who give you a place in the initial round. Then, after all of the artistic skaters have gone, the recall judges post a sheet of the top people they liked the best (in this case top 20). Then those 20 skaters skate again to get a final standing. Anyone who was recalled is against everyone else that was recalled whether they were a higher or lower level. I had a great skate and ended up placing 3rd out of 41 skaters. It was super fun and I hope you enjoy watching my program as much as I enjoyed performing it!


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