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My Ice Show Makeup as a Pro Figure Skater!

I am nowhere near a professional makeup artist, but I am a professional figure skater! And one thing that comes with being a pro figure skater is putting on a full face of makeup every day. Therefore, I thought it would be super fun to share my go-to ice show makeup look that I’ve been doing every day at my show here in Germany!


On every contract, but this one especially, I’ve learned a lot of techniques from other skaters and performers when it comes to doing makeup. One of the things I learned, starts at the very beginning of my makeup routine. Before putting any products on our eyes, all of the girls would use a piece of tape to create a sharper eyeshadow edge. With a small piece of tape, I started by placing one end at the bottom outside corner of my eye and place the opposite end on a diagonal line up towards the edge of my eyebrow.


Another thing I started doing here in Germany as prep for my eyeshadow look, is using a base primer to really make the eyeshadow colors pop! For this look, I am using the white base primer from P. Louise and creating a curve quite high up on my eyelid near my eyebrow. From there I filled out the entire eyelid.

The reason for making the eyeshadow/primer go so high up is so that it is more visible on the ice! From far away and with many colored lights, it can be hard to see makeup unless it is over the top!

Eyeshadow Pallete and Brushes

The palette I consistently use for all of my makeup looks is the James Charles mini palette. I absolutely love this palette for the diversity of colors it offers. When I show up to a new skating show, I don’t always know what my costumes will be or what I will be skating to. By bringing along this palette I can have so many color options to match any look or program!

You can check it out here or I found a similar dupe on Amazon as well.

Our ice show here is called Arctaris and the theme is all about a hidden, icy, winter wonderland. So, with that said for this ice show makeup look I chose 3 shades of blue. I will also be using the P. Louise primer again paired with glitter for the cut crease look!

For eyeshadow, I don’t have any big preference when it comes to brushes so any type of eyeshadow brush will do! For the cut crease, I use this smaller double-sided brush (I think it’s supposed to be for eyebrows) to help get nice clean edges and have more control.

The Process

Now that we primed the eyelid and created our eyeshadow shape, I started by taking the darkest shade of blue and putting it on the outer corner of my eye.

Next, I take the middle shade of blue and put that next to the dark blue as well as on the middle of my lid. Probably controversial, but I like to use the same brush for both of these colors (one shade of blue on each side) because I feel it is easier to flip back and forth between colors when blending them out.

Lastly, after thoroughly blending the first two colors, I switch to a new brush and start using the lightest, shimmery shade of blue. This shade I am going to put in the inner corner and also blend it into the previous color.

I keep most of these shades (especially the ones closer to the center) on the topmost part of my eyelid. This leaves room for the glitter cut crease!

The Cut Crease

It may not always be perfect but my go-to ice show look is always a cut crease! So, I am going to go back in with the same P. Louise primer and carve out the inner crease of my eyelid, about halfway across my eye. You can also use concealer for this step which works just as well.

Once I’ve carved on the crease I take some white glitter and pat that onto the wet base we just laid down! You could also use silver glitter for an even bolder color! To make a cleaner line between the eyeshadow and glitter I will just go back in with my original eyeshadow brush to blend out the edges as needed.

Final Steps

To finish out the eyeshadow look there are just a few more steps. To start I will go in with my primer one last time to highlight the underarch of my eyebrow/the outer top corner of the eyeshadow look. This is another technique I learned from the other talented performers here in Germany.

The next step is arguably the most satisfying… taking off the tape.

And to finish off the eyeshadow I simply add a little bit of blue shadow underneath my eye. Just a thin line will go a long way

Completing the Look

Although our eyeshadow look is done, no makeup look is complete without eyeliner, mascara, or false lashes. To bring the whole look together I will add a thin line of black eyeliner with a wing to add some flare. Then a little bit of mascara and a set of false lashes to top off the look!

And that’s it, my go-to ice show makeup look! If you would like to see more fun content from this ice show be sure to check out my playlist on YouTube here! You can also check out my other social media to see all kinds of other figure skating content!

xoxo, Rebecca

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