Is your ice rink closed for the Corona Virus? Well here are some fun things you can do to keep active while quarantined.

1) Workout
There are thousands of workouts you can do at home with or without any equipment. Right now I am following a workout from Blogilates and loving it. You can make your own workouts or just simply follow one of the many at-home workouts influencers are posting right now.

2) Balance Exercises
Balance is super important especially as a figure skater. Balance can help with many things and there are lots of fun balances exercises you can do.

3) Off-Ice Jumps
Off ice jumps are super fun to practice and can really help on the ice. Even just practicing the rotation of the jumps can help a lot.

4) Walking through your programs.
While we are off the ice for quite a while it is important we keep up with our programs and remember them. It is also a great time to work out little details in your programs such as arm movements or expression.

5) Stretch
Stretching is a great way to help you get flexible enough for all those cool figure skating moves like biellmanns, butterflies, elevations, laybacks, etc. Stretching can also help prevent injuries while working out.

6) Find New Recipies
This one is a super fun one because there are millions of great recipes out there and now is the perfect time to find and try some new ones. Who knows, maybe you will find your new favorite meal.

7) Set New goals
This one is definitely my favorite! Many of us have at least a little bit more time than we did before and now is the perfect time to get a jump start on our goals. We can set new goals or continue/work harder towards our current goals. Go get those dreams!


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