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A 7-book Figure Skating Series for All Skating Lovers

Looking for your next book series? Today we are going to explore the 7 book fantasy figure skating series written by Olga Jaffae. Through her figure skating series, Olga Jaffae takes you on thrilling adventures throughout Skateland, intricately weaving all aspects of figure skating into the plotline.

Cammie and Alex are two great friends who both figure skat live and train in a magical village called Skateland. Even though their world revolves around the sport, does not mean everything is sunshine and rainbows. There are witches who also prowl around Skateland, causing trouble left and right. Through Cammie and Alex’s adventures across the series, Olga teaches important lessons such as telling the truth and staying true to who you are.

If you are an avid figure skater or just a figure skating enthusiast, readers of all ages will love this 7 book figure skating series by Olga Jaffae.

“Cammie and Alex’s Adventures in Skateland” Book 1

Overview of the 1st Skateland series book "Cammie and Alex's Adventures in Skateland." 153 pages, 4.3 stars on goodreads, published on August 5, 2008, Book 1/7

Cammie dreams of being a champion skater, but she hates practicing fundamentals. When she and her friend Alex are told they cannot compete in Skatelands competition, Cammie and Alex decide to sneak into the competition on their own in Cammie and Alex’s Adventures in Skateland, by Olga Jaffae. As Cammie and Alex explore Skateland, a beautiful village where everyone skates to and fro, they find witches lurking behind every corner, setting traps and playing tricks for skaters who haven’t mastered the basics of skating. Will Cammie and Alex master the challenges and defeat the witches? Lace-up your skates and join in the fun in Cammie and Alex’s Adventures in Skateland.

Top Reviews

“I believe children will enjoy this wonderful skating adventure and learn some valuable lessons about life at the same time.”

Nancy Lee Garber | Figure Skating Coach and Choreographer, Former Adagio Pair Skater with Ice Capades, USFSA Pair Skating Gold Medalist

” A fun-filled story with twists and turns that all skaters and sports enthusiasts will enjoy.”

Louise St. John | Operations Manager, Lancaster jewish Community Center

“Skateland is the place where dreams come true. Olga’s book is a sweet, funny, and moving story that is hard to put down”

Lydia Volkova | Associate Professor, Kiev National Linguistic University, Kiev, Ukraine

“Cammie and Alex’s Adventures at Rainbow Rinks” Book 2

Overview of the 2nd Skateland series book "Cammie and Alex's Adventures at Rainbow Rinks." 398 pages, 4.63 stars on goodreads, published on December 15, 2009, Book 2/7

‘You left your skates in the locker room, walked away, and somebody tampered with them.’ ‘But…but who did it?’ Cammie asked weakly. Coach Ferguson looked her straight in the face. ‘This is the question you should ask yourself. Who is the person that hates you so much that he, or she, is willing to jeopardize your test?’ Cammie swallowed hard, but the lump in her throat didn’t dissolve. ‘I…I don’t know.’

Eleven-year-old Cammie is one of the best ice skaters at her hometown rink. But when an older girl joins her class, Cammie is in awe of the beautiful sixteen-year-old’s expensive clothes and ability to glide gracefully over the ice. Isabelle and Cammie soon become best friends, and Isabelle convinces Cammie to move to Skateland, a magical place with skating rinks of unusual, enchanting colors. Cammie’s parents and coach are hesitant, uncertain as to whether she is ready to be on her own, but Cammie is captivated by her new life…that is, until everything starts falling apart. Something strange is going on in Skatelandsomeone is trying to sabotage her chances at a gold medal! With the help of her friend Alex, Cammie must unravel the mystery at Rainbow Rinks and save her skating career before it’s too late!

Cammie and Alex’s Adventures at Rainbow Rinks is Olga Jaffae’s second book following friends Cammie and Alex in an ice-skating fantasy that teaches about the importance of telling the truth and being yourself that children and young adults will love.

Top Reviews

“A masterful skating fantasy that will entertain readers of all ages. The enduring principles of honesty and fair play win out over the evils of cheating and revenge every time.”

Oleg Petrov | Ice Dancer and Coach, Russian World Senior Team Member, Principal Skater With Russian Ice Theater All Stars

“Rainbow Rinks is a spellbinding adventure. The tension between Cammie and the witches of the Icy Park is fascinating”

Maria Pocheykina | Freestyle Skater and Coach, Russian World Junior Team Member

“Come and glide through the many rinks of Skateland with Cammie and Alex. Let your imagination run wild as they experience the good and the bad of their skating rivals. In one word: fant-ice-tic”

Neal Wood | Professional Ice Dancer, Coach, Civil Engineer, Skate Sharpener, and Boot Fitter for 60 Years

“Cammie and Alex’s Adventures in Skating History” Book 3

Overview of the 3rd Skateland series book "Cammie and Alex's Adventures in Skating History." 457 pages, 4.86 stars on goodreads, published on December 28, 2010, Book 3/7

Even before she reached the rink, Cammie knew something wasn’t right. ‘What’s wrong? Why are the police here?’ Coach Ferguson’s pale blue eyes narrowed. ‘Cammie, didn’t you hear the announcement? A skater is missing.’ 

Every skater in Skateland is excited about the upcoming show devoted to the history of figure skating. Except Cammie. She hates practicing boring figures and participating in an old-fashioned group number. But when Cammie’s roommate the show’s star performer goes missing during the dress rehearsal, Cammie is ignited with passion to rescue her friend at all cost. She learns of a magical skating history book that can transport people back in time. Cammie suspects foul play by the evil skating witches and, with the help of her best friend Alex, travels back into time to rescue the missing skater before it’s too late. Readers will love learning ice-skating history as Cammie and Alex travel to sixteenth-century Holland and nineteenth-century England, meeting famous skaters such as Jackson Haines, Sonja Henie, and Ulrich Salchow. Will this be the end of Cammie, Alex and their friend?

You will find the answer in Cammie and Alex’s Adventures in Skating History, Olga Jaffae’s third book in the Skateland series.

Top Reviews

Cammie and Alex’s Adventures in Skating History follows the advancement of figure skating from its orgin of school figures to its present day free flowing athleticism”

Bonni Retzkin | Nationals, Worlds, and Olympic Coach

“This is the kind of book I would have loved to read when I was younger”

Alissa Czisny | 2009 U.S. National Champion

“Cammie and Alex’s Adventures in the Icy Park” Book 4

Overview of the 4th Skateland series book "Cammie and Alex's Adventures in the Icy Park." 419 pages, 5 stars on goodreads, published on October 11, 2011, Book 4/7

Cammie turned around and skated in the opposite direction. She knew she was going really fast. She did a three turn, ready to spring up. Now! She lifted herself off the ice. A dark figure loomed in front of her, blocking her path. She felt a strong blow on the shoulder and went down with a loud thud.

Cammie Wester and Alex Bernard love living in Skateland. There is one very important rule, however: skaters aren’t allowed to skate in the Icy Park, a dark and mysterious forest. When Cammie comes in first place at the annual Skateland competition, she believes she needs to start working on triple jumps to win at the nationals. But then her coach tells her she isn’t ready for triples, Cammie tries the jump on her own in the Icy Park. When something terrible happens, something that threatens Cammie’s skating career, Cammie will need the help of her best friend, Alex, to rediscover her love of skating! 

Cammie and Alex’s Adventures in the Icy Park is the fourth book in Olga Jaffae’s Skateland series. It teaches readers about the importance of second chances and hard work.

Top Reviews

“Olga Jaffae’s figure-skating fantasy books are treasures. Cammie and Alex’s adventures take readers into a magical ice-skating world. There, readers learn about skating but also important life lessons.”

Jo Ann Schneider Farris | Us National Ice Dancing Silver Medalist, Coach, Author

“Cammie and Alex’s Adventures with the Skateland Monster” Book 5

Overview of the 5th Skateland series book "Cammie and Alex's Adventures with the Skateland Monster." 427 pages, 4.75 stars on goodreads, published on December 4, 2012, Book 5/7

Best friends Cammie and Alex have battled evil witches and magically traveled through time, but nothing could have prepared them for the Skateland monster. Skaters are being attacked left and right, and no one knows who’s to blame. Could it be Celine, the beautiful, famous skater? Or maybe it’s Lieutenant Turner, the police officer who seems to be showing up wherever Cammie is. And what about the new coach who starts working with Cammie on her triple jumps?

Cammie and Alex’s Adventures with the Skateland Monster is the fifth book following the two young, promising figure skaters as they attempt to find the monster before he strikes again. As Cammie and Alex look for enemies among their closest friends, they learn an important lesson about competition and that jealousy can destroy even the most talented skater. So lace up and come along on a fantastical adventure where you’ll learn that material rewards ultimately aren’t as important as a pure love for what you are doing.

Top Reviews

“Extremley creative! Who would have thought the world of figure skating could be so dangerous. I found this book to be very engaging.”

Rocky Marval | Two-time U.S. National Champion with Partner Calla Urbanski

“Not only did I find ‘Cammie and Alex’s Adventures with the Skateland Monster’ fascinating, my 11 year old daughter also truly enjoyed it. Olga was able to take the world of figure skating and turn it into a compelling read. I would reccomend this book to all those who love figure skating.”

Isabelle Brasseur | Two-Time Olympic Bronze Medalist, Five-time Canadian Pairs Champion with Partner Llyod Eisler.

“Cammie and Alex’s Adventures in Gloryland” Book 6

Overview of the 6th Skateland series book "Cammie and Alex's Adventures in Gloryland." 479 pages, 5 stars on goodreads, published on December 17, 2013, Book 6/7


Cammie and Alex fight to win back Skateland from the witches and warlocks who have renamed their skating haven to Gloryland and have transformed it into a land full of fear, oppression, and abuse of power. The battle is not easy. First, Cammie and Alex have to deal with their own weaknesses by driving themselves beyond their limits. Second, they must unify Skateland students to join forces and come against the power of the evil witches. Will the Witches prevail to bring themselves more glory or will the forces of good defeat the powers of darkness and restore Skateland? Find out in Olga Jaffae’s sixth book of the Skateland series.

“Cammie and Alex’s Adventures in the Olympic Year” Book 7

Overview of the 7th Skateland series book "Cammie and Alex's Adventures in the Olympic Year." 494 pages, 5 stars on goodreads, published on June 2, 2015, Book 7/7

It is an Olympic year and all skaters are worried about their future in the sport. So when a mysterious woman offers the girls a deal that will guarantee them immediate success, they are all fascinated with the idea. Will Cammie accept the deal or lose hope of ever making it to the top? Won’t the consequences be too dangerous? And will Alex, who has just befriended a newly crowned champion be there for her?

Top Reviews

“This book is about overcoming obstacles and the commitment it takes to achieve your goals whether in skating or in life. Not every skater will be an Olympic champion, but if one works hard, keeps focused, and continuously strives to learn, it will enrich your life as well as your skating and you will be a champion.”

Dick Button | Two-time Olympic champion, Five-time World Champion, Member of both World and Olympic Halls of Fame, Commentator for CBS, ABC, and NBC for more than 50 years, Author of the book ‘Push Dick’s Button’

“The story unfolds in a magical way and captures the skaters’ excitement during the Olympic season.”

-Mirai Nagasu | Olympian, 2008 U.S. Champion, Four-time U.S. National Medalist, Four Continents Bronze Medalist, 2007 JGP Final Champion

About the Author

Olga was born in Kiev, Ukraine. She currently lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with he husband, Gary, who is her biggest supporter. Olga is a teacher, a linguist, and the author of the 7-book figure skating series: Skateland. She has a Ph.D. in linguistics from the Kiev National Linguistic University, and she was also a graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature. Olga works as a Hebrew instructor at the Jewish Community Center in Lancaster, Pennslyvania.

Olga enjoys turning her life experiences and observations into fantasy stories. She draws her inspiration and stories from the rink where she spends ample time as an adult figure skater. When not on the ice she enjoys reading, playing the piano, and connecting with friends.

Ready for your next figure skating adventure?! Read this incredible figure skating series now or check out other fun figure skating reads here!

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