Trying Rentals Skates in Hawaii

This past summer my family visited Hawaii. I had a ton of fun there and one of my goals is to skate in every state. I did not bring my skates with us because we didn’t have room and I was not planning on skating very much. So one day we went to one of the very few rinks in Hawaii and got some rentals to try out on a public session. The blades had absolutely no edge and they shave down the bottom toepicks so that people don’t trip as easily on them. It was so hard to skate in them. I fell on backspins and waltz jumps, it was very challenging but I still had a blast skating there. The rink was pretty nice and was also warm but… it is Hawaii so I didn’t expect it to be that cold. I ended up mostly just dancing around to the music that was playing because I couldn’t do much else. It was a cool experience regardless! You can watch the video I made about it right here!

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