Outdoor skating is my absolute favorite activity to do in the winter. This year I got to skate on the Keystone lake. It is a beautiful lake that the Keystone resort manages so that guests are able to skate on it. There also is a small ice rink which you can skate on as well. They are both are exciting to visit but the lake is definitely more popular.

The lake is surrounded by gorgeous mountains in the background. It is a pretty large lake that even has a sectioned-off area with normal rink boards for playing hockey. There was a cute little Christmas tree in one section with benches all around it. The whole experience was very magical and it even started snowing which added to the beauty of it.

If you ever get the chance to visit, even if it is just for skiing, I would definitely recommend checking out the lake or ice rink. You can find some fun clips from my visit to Keystone below!


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