Hello, my lovely friends! If you are a figure skater I’m guessing you already know what day it is and if not you will soon! It’s National Get Up Day! Today is the day we get to show off all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. A time to celebrate all of our failures, mistakes, falls, stumbles, and more!

Figure skating is often portrayed as a glamourous sport… and social media doesn’t help that cause either. Often times we show our highlight reel and end up comparing ourselves to others. But what many don’t see is the 500 falls that went into that one amazing video. Or the countless hours of frustration when we take fall after fall. So today is our day to break that habit. Today is the day to show what it truly took to become the incredibly talented person that you are!

It is not a matter of “exposing” ourselves, but truly showing all the hard work that you have put into your passion. It is never a bad thing to fall or fail or make mistakes. We all do it! That is what makes us human. I’m not ashamed of all the falls I’ve taken and I hope that you aren’t either. As a matter of fact, I have a whole playlist on Youtube with just videos of me falling on my butt. Feel free to check it out here if you need a good laugh 🙂

Our failures and frustrations just make our accomplishments that much more exciting. I remember learning my double axel. It was a jump that was so frustrating for me. I would constantly work on it and somedays get soooo close I wanted to scream! But when I finally landed that very first one, it was the most incredible day. I was jumping up and down with joy and I couldn’t contain my excitement. That goes to show that when something takes up so much of our effort and energy the reward becomes so much greater. When things come easy we tend to take them for granted because we haven’t used up a lot of our time and effort acquiring them. So don’t stress the mistakes. It is all part of the journey. Your reward will come soon enough!

Lastly, I hope to encourage you to continue to chase your dreams and strive towards your goals no matter how big they may seem. You are capable of so many incredible things! I hope you know how awesome you are! And just remember… progress is not linear and that’s OKAY! All that matters is we get back up and try again<3


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