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Creating My Costume Look Book

If you have been following me for some time now, you may know that I recently skated in my first professional ice show! While skating is of course the highlight of the show, an ice show would not be complete without the dazzling costumes! So, I thought what better way to document my professional skating career than capturing all of the beautiful costumes I’ve worn in my Costume Look Book!

  • DISCLAIMER: Any show costume pieces such as feathers or sequins, were not intentionally pulled off a costume for the sake of this project. All extra costume pieces were things items that fell off of the costume on their own 🙂

The Idea:

The idea behind this project was just another way to capture the memories of my dream job down onto paper. As I plan to continue show skating for quite some time, I thought what cooler way to remember all of the shows I performed in, than to make a costume look book!

In this book wanted to capture the beauty of each and every costume along with the songs I skated to while wearing them!

On each page will be pictures of the costume, the soundtrack of songs we skated to, accessories that we wore, and if available, actual pieces from the costume. Pieces from the costumes may include gems, sequins, feathers, etc.

For this particular show, I skated in 3 different numbers but technically had 4 different costumes!

Opening Number

To open up the show we skated to the song “The Miracle” by Queen and wore beautiful beaded red dresses.

This costume also had a few accessories to go along with it like a feather headband and a flower-beaded armband. I was able to include a few of the feathers and beads from these accessories that fell off throughout our shows!

Butterfly Number

This was the ensemble girls’ number although not everyone wore the same costume. I was fortunate enough to be one of the 2 butterflies in this number which was an absolute treat!

The main portion of this costume consisted of a body suit with zippers all the way down the leg so that we could easily change into it with our skates on. We also had a ton of accessories like gloves, a headband, black boot covers, and of course the beautiful butterfly wings!

Our songs for this number were “Wings” by Little Mix and “Pure Imagination” by Ghostwriter Music. Surrounding the playlist section of this page are sequins from the bodysuit that fell off!


For this number, there were 2 different sections.

To start we skated to “From Now On” and “Come Alive” from The Greatest Showman. Our costumes were a leotard in a beautiful shade of blue with a bright green fluffy feather skirt in the back! The colors were so pretty and I think it just might have been my favorite costume of the show! The only downfall was those green feathers fell out EVERYWHERE! (Which was only nice for the purpose of this scrapbook!)

Our accessories were nice and simple for this number, just one flower hair clip.

Finale Pt. 2

In between parts 1 and 2 of the finale, we had a short time to step off the ice and change to our next costume. During this change, we took out our flower hair clip and replaced it with an extravagant headpiece and backpack. The backpack was a beautiful cape that arched over our heads and draped all the way down to our ankles.

Once we got out on the ice we skated to the song “Light Up The World” by the Glee Cast. Although the costume was gorgeous on its own, what made it even cooler was the fact that it lit up! It was always fun surprising the crowd with our light-up costumes partway through the number.

And that was all of the costumes I wore for my first professional figure skating show! I am so happy with how my costume scrapbook has turned out so far, and I can’t wait to fill it up with all of my future shows! If you would like to see more fun adventures from this skating show be sure to check out my YouTube playlist here!

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xoxo, Rebecca

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