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Opening Day of my Second Contract in Germany!

Hi! If you are new here let me catch you up a little! My name is Rebecca and I am a professional figure skater currently performing in a show in Germany. This show is 3 months long and it will be the second professional figure skating show that I have performed in. We just finished our 2 week rehearsal period, and today is finally the day we are opening our show up to the public! It is going to be an exciting day and I can’t wait to take you along with me!

Nov. 18 ‘23

Opening day of Arctaris!

Today is the day we finally open our show after a long 2 weeks of rehearsals. We have been working quite hard to prepare the many parts that went into creating this show. Creating, learning, and perfecting each number, costume fittings, sound and lighting check, creating and working with all of the props, and finally putting everything together! 


I started my morning by sleeping in which was quite nice! Our show schedule today is 3 shows at 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm so I did not have to be at the arena until around 11:30. After eating some breakfast, journaling, and getting myself ready for the day it was time to head to the arena. 

When I arrived at the park, there was a huge line of people waiting to get into the park! For the opening day of the winter season here, the park tickets were completely sold out!

The line to enter the park!
Lots of traffic to get in!

When I got to the arena it was time to start putting on my show makeup and doing my hair! For this show, our hairstyle is rather easy, just a simple slicked-back bun with a few colored hair extensions. I am super grateful to have a simple hairstyle this contract considering I will be styling it every day for 3 straight months.

Because our show is all about a hidden ice world, our makeup look was trying to encompass an icy winter wonderland. We had a little bit of freedom here, but for the most part, we kept it to a few shades of blue, white, and glitter to stay within the theme. If you want to see exactly how I did my makeup for the show you can check that out here!


Once hair and makeup are done it is time to start warming up and getting ready for the first show.

Our costume has many different pieces so I made sure to leave a little extra time for simply putting on the costume. 

Once the costumes are on and skates are tied all that is left to do is to pre-set any extra costume pieces that I will need to put on throughout the show. This will make it easier for me to change while the show is happening and get ready for my next number on time. Thankfully for this show, I do not have any super quick costume changes, only a few add-on costume pieces which I have plenty of time of time to change into.

And now it’s finally SHOW TIME! 

1pm ~ Show #1

For our first show of the season, we had 628 people in the audience and everyone skated quite well!


After the show, we hang all our costumes up and dry off our skates before heading to the cafeteria for lunch! At this park, we have access to a cafeteria which is just a short walk away. This is super convenient for a quick lunch break in between shows.


It’s time for round 2! After a delicious lunch, the cast and I headed back to our dressing rooms for some quick makeup touch-ups and another short off-ice warm-up before the next show.

3:00pm ~ Show #2

This show the audience was even bigger with 722 people attending!


Our last show break! This second break is total free time so I decided to use this time to edit some of the YouTube videos and eat some snacks 🙂 

Some of my favorite snacks right now for at the rink:


Time to warm back up for our last show of opening day! We all put on our costumes once again, laced up our skates, and then we were ready to go for our last show! 

5pm ~ Show #3

For our last show we had an audience count of 703!


After a long day of performing it was finally time to go home! We hung all our costumes back on the rack, packed up all of our stuff, and took off all our show makeup. Since we are in a locked building and will be back here to do the same thing again tomorrow, we all leave our skates, makeup, and anything else we will be using daily here at the rink. When we are all packed up we head outside to catch our shuttle back home.

My absolute favorite makeup wipe:


At home, its now time to relax, take out my show hair, shower, and enjoy some dinner! The day has been super fun, high energy, and overall great vibes. I think it is going to be a great 3 months here and I cant wait to share more of this amazing journey with you all!

Thanks for coming along with me for Opening Day and I’ll catch ya in the next one!

xoxo, Rebecca

Find more of my YouTube videos from this contract here!

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