Hi everyone!

I recently received some products from The Amino Company and I can’t wait to share with you what I received. They sent me their amino acid blend “PERFORM” to try out. This product was originally created for NASA astronauts and comes in 3 different flavors (grape, blue raspberry, and pink lemonade). I received the flavor pink lemonade and I absolutely love it!

PERFORM is a special blend of amino acids with many purposes. First, it is designed to help increase your peak muscle strength and endurance. As a figure skater, it is super important to have great endurance so that we can easily run a program. PERFORM also helps improve cognitive functions, focus, and concentration. Lastly, PERFORM helps decrease recovery time by repairing muscle tissue. This is also another very important thing to consider as an athlete. Training day can be quite exhausting and the quicker we can recover our muscles, the better!

You can check out their website right here! Or check out their Instagram here!

Also, you can use my code “rebecca40” to get 40% off your entire order and try some out for yourself 🙂


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